“This is how to dance the tango! Feel the blood rise to your face with every beat; While an arm winds like a snake around a waist that is about to break. This is how to dance the tango!”

Words by Elizardo Martinez Vilas

The Tango Story

In the eighteenth century, elements of the tango were born in Spain from a dance called the contradanza. In the early 1800's, the contradanza was later introduced into Cuba where it became the habañera. The habañera made its way to Buenos Aires where the Argentine milonga dance had risen to popularity. In the Buenos Aires brothels, the milonga dance was mixed with flavors of the habañera and the Tango was born.

The tango dance was flavored by ingredients of dance from Spain, Cuba and South America. At Tango Restaurant we use the history of the tango as a guide for our latin infused food and drink.

Executive Chef
Rogelio Reynoso

Growing up in a traditional Hispanic family Rogelio was exposed to many of the classic flavors and ingredients you would find in regional Mexico, that's where his passion for tradition stems. Working in kitchens at the early age of 18 Rogelio instantly fell in love cooking and although Seattle is a hub for culinary innovation Rogelio knew he had to travel far and wide to truly understand culture within cuisines. Wanderlust took him all over the world from Paris to Columbia to Spain and then back home to Seattle.

For the last 10 years Rogelio has traveled all over the world tasting and learning the culinary creations each region offers. He has worked on organic farms on the hillsides of Italy, and vastly traveled Spain to try and understand the passion that lies within their dishes. He has brought all of that talent and knowledge back to Seattle and hopes that his dishes at Tango inspire your inner traveler.